P1170498Lai Lim (Centre Director)

I have been Centre Director since DCLC incorporated in 2010. I work part-time and volunteer for the Centre the rest of the time, along with other volunteers to help with projects that need the additional support. I enjoy teaching and training. I am a primary teacher by profession. I love learning with others and welcome any one to the Centre who shares the same passion, one of helping others to achieve their goals. I have been volunteering in the voluntary and community sector since 1997.






P1170460Chui Wan Kong (Administrator)

I was one of the original committee members from the Doncaster Chinese Women’s Group in 1997. Then from 2002 became a part-time administrator to Doncaster Chinese Learning & Resource Centre. After 14 years, I still support the Centre and Lai but with DCLC. I enjoy walking, going to the gym and bargain hunting.






P1170472Susan Stringer (Volunteer)

I attend DCLC every week to go on-line and to help others to use the Learn My Way programme. I enjoy going on-line, communicate with my family on-line, travelling and reading Chinese newspapers.






P1170492Felicity Yau (Volunteer)

I volunteer with DCLC and assist with their arts workshops. My interests are woodwork such as making and decorating trays, wooden ipad and phone stands. I  enjoy creating Chinese Arts and any creative arts and crafts. If you have interests in this area please contact me. My hobbies are walking and dancing.