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Doncaster Central Learning Centre CIC (DCLC) was established in 2010 as a centre-based service targeting vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised groups, particularly from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.

DCLC moved organically into supporting BAME third sector organisations, initially through providing accommodation and progressing to ‘business to business’ support through project development, partnership working, volunteer development, advocacy and representation.


The Centre continues to liaise with statutory and non statutory organizations, with emphasis of work being led by local volunteers and the local community.  Community engagement continues to play a major role for the Centre. This is to ensure that mainstream services and providers of services to the diverse communities are responsive and is reflective of their needs.

The Centre’s role remains that of linking effectively and efficiently between service users and service providers, supporting primarily volunteers and groups in accessing an improved service.

Organic growth has characterised DCLC’s development, resulting in DCLC having a broad portfolio of services.

As a social enterprise, DCLC aims to maximise the positive impact as an organisation working in the community.

DCLC’s objectives are -

1. To support the third sector in working towards a cohesive society where people of all backgrounds have equal life chances.


2.To engage with diverse communities to improve accessibility to learning, employment and for better health.

3. To increase understanding and respect for the needs and issues affecting the quality of life of Doncaster’s diverse communities and individuals.


4. To provide support with regards to social isolation and loneliness amongst the Diverse Communities and individuals living within Doncaster and its district.


5. To increase third sector and community access to facilities and resources to create a cohesive society where people of all backgrounds have equal life chances.

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